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Birth of Munchies Food Truck


With an innate vision to own and operate a piece of The American Dream.... OMG!... Mr. Munchies was born! What started out as a simple modest snow cone trailer, has blossomed into a massive self-sufficient chef mobile kitchen.


Food has always been a passion in our family. It is a way to bring people together, start a conversation, or just a welcome home that brings joy and comfort into our lives. We here at OMG!...Mr. Munchies want to share this gift to serve you as  "Good Stewards."  We are committed to take your taste buds on a journey that is enveloped with a variety of flavors that will tell a story about the dedication and passion that we have for our food.  By showing our LOVE for comfort food our goal is to  bring a smile  to everyones faces while delivering complete customer satisfaction.  Our mission at OMG!... Mr. Munchies is to provide exceptional first class service that is personable and unique to each and ever customer.

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